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Poemss ..^^

Assalam, hahak, malam ni nak ber-posting jea.
Idea main lintas-lintas. tak reti lampu merah ke ape??
Datang lham ni.. dari ..kbai!xP

Meh aku bagi anda-anda ...

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Famous Long Distance Love Poem

Elegy XVIII : Love's Progress By John Donne

Who ever loves, if he do not propose
The right true end of love, he's one that goes
To sea for nothing but to make him sick.
Love is a bear-whelp born: if we o'erlick
Our love, and force it new strange shapes to take,
We err, and of a lump a monster make.
Were not a calf a monster that were grown
Faced like a man, though better than his own?
Perfection is in unity: prefer
One woman first, and then one thing in her.
I, when I value gold, may think upon
The ductileness, the application,
The wholsomeness, the ingenuity,
From rust, from soil, from fire ever free;
But if I love it, 'tis because 'tis made
By our new nature (Use) the soul of trade.
All these in women we might think upon
(If women had them) and yet love but one.
Can men more injure women than to say
They love them for that by which they're not they?
Makes virtue woman? Must I cool my blood
Till I both be, and find one, wise and good?
May barren angels love so! But if we
Make love to woman, virtue is not she,
As beauty's not, nor wealth. He that strays thus
From her to hers is more adulterous
Than if he took her maid. Search every sphere
And firmament, our Cupid is not there;
He's an infernal god, and under ground
With Pluto dwells, where gold and fire abound:
Men to such gods their sacrificing coals
Did not in altars lay, but pits and holes.
Although we see celestial bodies move
Above the earth, the earth we till and love:
So we her airs contemplate, words and heart
And virtues, but we love the centric part.
Nor is the soul more worthy, or more fit,
For love than this, as infinite is it.
But in attaining this desired place
How much they err that set out at the face.
The hair a forest is of ambushes,
Of springs, snares, fetters and manacles;
The brow becalms us when 'tis smooth and plain,
And when 'tis wrinkled shipwrecks us again—
Smooth, 'tis a paradise where we would have
Immortal stay, and wrinkled 'tis our grave.
The nose (like to the first meridian) runs
Not 'twixt an East and West, but 'twixt two suns;
It leaves a cheek, a rosy hemisphere,
On either side, and then directs us where
Upon the Islands Fortunate we fall,
(Not faint Canaries, but Ambrosial)
Her swelling lips; to which when we are come,
We anchor there, and think ourselves at home,
For they seem all: there Sirens' songs, and there
Wise Delphic oracles do fill the ear;
There in a creek where chosen pearls do swell,
The remora, her cleaving tongue doth dwell.
These, and the glorious promontory, her chin,
O'erpassed, and the straight Hellespont between
The Sestos and Abydos of her breasts,
(Not of two lovers, but two loves the nests)
Succeeds a boundless sea, but yet thine eye
Some island moles may scattered there descry;
And sailing towards her India, in that way
Shall at her fair Atlantic navel stay;
Though thence the current be thy pilot made,
Yet ere thou be where thou wouldst be embayed
Thou shalt upon another forest set,
Where many shipwreck and no further get.
When thou art there, consider what this chase
Misspent by thy beginning at the face.
Rather set out below; practise my art.
Some symetry the foot hath with that part
Which thou dost seek, and is thy map for that,
Lovely enough to stop, but not stay at;
Least subject to disguise and change it is—
Men say the devil never can change his.
It is the emblem that hath figured
Firmness; 'tis the first part that comes to bed.
Civility we see refined; the kiss
Which at the face began, transplanted is,
Since to the hand, since to the imperial knee,
Now at the papal foot delights to be:
If kings think that the nearer way, and do
Rise from the foot, lovers may do so too;
For as free spheres move faster far than can
Birds, whom the air resists, so may that man
Which goes this empty and ethereal way,
Than if at beauty's elements he stay.
Rich nature hath in women wisely made
Two purses, and their mouths aversely laid:
They then which to the lower tribute owe
That way which that exchequer looks must go:
He which doth not, his error is as great
As who by clyster gave the stomach meat.
#erk, panjangnyaa. penat mak nak meng-copy ..
apa-apa punnn, renung-renungkan dan selamat beramall,
Assalam,, =))

Long Distance Love ??

Cintaa Jarak Jauhh ..
tetibe datang idea nak buat entry ni .
tapi, copy and paste saje.
ahahah! merepek sajer! ^^
for sure, boleh buat modal anda-anda menggodek belog saia ini. =)

Do the following to make your Long Distance Love Relation work

Rethink on the aspects to make the relation stronger.
You may ponder on the very important aspect of the relation- are you both clear on the parameters you have set to make the long distance relation work. In other words, both of you should follow the rules and regulations of maintaining a healthy relation. Chart out relationship standards for each others.

Use Video Chat.
In a long distance relation keeping in touch with each other is very important. You need to send E-mails to each other, call each other and send SMS (short messaging services) frequently. In the present times, the Skype Video chat is very useful for augmenting long distance love.

Do similar activities at the same time.
When people are in the same geographic location- they watch movies together, have dinner together. Even in long distance relations you can do the same. You may decide which movie to watch and do so at the same time at two locations separated by distance. You both may order dinners at different locales and have it at the same time. Speak over phone, use webcam or Skype- whatever makes you feel the presence of the other person beside you.

Communicate in some way every day, more than once if possible.
This is very important. You may even write snail mails or send cards by post. You love interest will surely be elated and store them. Viewing these cards at regular intervals gives the feel of love in the mind of the receiver for the giver. You may make call, chat and so on. Keep the channels.

The long distance relation offers certain advantages.
Yes, if you and your heart-beat are separated by distance- you probably will not have quarrels over small matters like toothpaste caps, which activity to do when. You can devote more time to your other relations- family and friends. You can give each other time and space.

You can pursue common interest at different places.
If you both have similar interests you may practice it at your own location. You will find enough matter to discuss and keep interesting conversation going on.


Please do not try to control each other.
If you try to dictate and make the other person do what you want you will be creating pressure on the other person. In this way you may scare him or her away from you. You of course do not want this to happen. Let him or her do whatever he or she is comfortable doing. Avoid jealousy. Be trusting.

Try to challenge each other.
This means you should try to surprise each other by making calls at unexpected (of course not wrong) times. Send gifts. You may also learn preparing new dishes to satisfy the taste buds of your loved one, when you both meet next. Utilize the time to make your future interesting and rosy.

Why not discuss about your conjugal future?
You may speak on how you propose to spend your life when you two come together. This will make you both feel secure about your future. You will also know what is going on in the mind of your partner.

Remember but do not be obsessed with each other.
Well, let your loved one linger in your thoughts often but not always because then you will be disturbed in your daily work. You are staying away from each other due to some cause. Let not that cause be unsuccessful. Then the pain you both bear by staying apart will be futile.

Visit often.
Whenever you get chance or time- you may travel to meet your partner. Both of you should take turns to visit each other. This is really very heartening and pacifying in a long distance relation.

Be positive. Be happy.
You are one of those blessed ones who have found love in life. This thought by itself is very satisfying. Enjoy the bliss of a conjugal life, even at a distance.

Personal objects can be given as gifts to each other.
If you give items of your daily use- your loved one will feel your presence. Try this and see the difference. The same will happen if you are gifted with such an item.

Use long distance love quotes.
This is the best way to make your loved one feel that you love him or her. There are many popular appropriate poems to convey what you feel for the moment. It is advisable that you have a store of love quotes written by famous people.


moral of the story, do practise those. If God wills. ;)
renung-renungkan dan selamat beramalll.
assalamm, =))

Nite talks, =)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

assalamualaikum. tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang~~ ^^

first entry ni, disebabkan aku dah takde idea sangat, dan advised by my lovely wifee^_^ . belek punya belek www.iluvislam.com, finally jumpa something yang attract my attention. of course lah ...

awat? cehh, terujaa?? baca duluk aee, xD

Indah kan kita bercinta?

Indah kan bila kita saling merindu?

Indah kan bila kita boleh berpengangan tangan di hadapan semua orang?

Indah kan bila kita saling meluangkan masa?

Dan indah kan bila semua itu HALAL untuk kita?

Cinta tu fitrah,

Cinta tu indah.

Dan lagi indahnya cinta itu,

Bila 'i love you'

Lebih-lebih lagi redha Allah dan hubungan yang sah!

Sebenarnya,tak salah untuk kita kahwin awal atau kahwin muda. Malah Perkahwinan itu suatu ibadah , sesuatu yang indah .Dan cantiknya cinta itu bila kita menikah dahulu disebabkan rasa sayang dan hormat kita pada pasangan kita, kerana kita bimbang jika cinta kita dan pasangan kita itu boleh menyebakan dosa dan maksiat .Inilah yang baru dinamakan cinta!

Pernah dengar tak pasal nikah khitbah? Nikah khitbah ini sebenarnya indah,seronok dan bukannya menakutkan. Nikah khitbah ini bermaksud apabila pasngan itu menikah tetapi tinggal berasingan atau orang melayu panggil ia sebagai 'nikah gantung' .Nikah khitbah ni sebenarnya macam tiket untuk betul-betul ber'couple' dan bercinta dengan pasangan kita.Dengan tiket nikah ni, tiada masalah untuk kita bermesra, bergurau senda dan sebagainya dengan pasangan kita kerana dah disahkan sebagai suami isteri yang lebih menepati khitbah secara Islam.

'Couple' lain semua bercinta

Tapi kita lebih istimewa kerana saling mencintai kerana Allah

'Couple' lain berpegangan tangan dan ianya berdosa

Tapi kita halal untuk berpegangan tangan dan bermesra dengan izin Allah.

Seonok kan??

"Hai sekelian manusia, bertaqwalah kepada Tuhanmu yang telah menciptakan kamu dari diri yang satu, daripadanya pula Allah menciptakan pasangannya, dan dari keduanya dikembangkan laki-laki dan wanita-wanita yang ramai. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah dengan (menggunakan) nama-Nya kamu saling meminta satu sama lain; dan (peliharalah) hubungan silaturrahim. Sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa mengawasi kamu." (An-Nisa': 1).

Oleh itu, bagi anda yang sedang bercinta atau mencintai seseorang . Hormatilah pasangan anda dan janganlah kalian melakukakan perkara-perkara yang dilarang oleh Allah.Atau jika anda dan pasangan anda saling mencinta , jagalah hati dan ambillah langkah seperti 'nikah khitbah' ini.Dengan nikah khitbah ini, bolehlah kita menjadi 'couple' dengan romantik dan halal.

Indah kan?

Semoga Allah menganugerahkan saya dan awak cinta yang paling indah , halal dan berkekalan sampai jannah.Alhamdulillah :)